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About Us

Our Mission

Our consultants work directly with key stakeholders in privately owned healthcare organizations to create a
carefully-designed lifecycle plan for the business.


Services include:

  • new site design and launch

  • policies and procedures development

  • technology systems implementation

  • security program execution and maintenance

  • risk assessment and disaster recovery planning

  • staff strategic planning and management

  • educational program coordination

  • safety and compliance structure

  • succession planning

Our goal is to help clients create long-term success by building and following a detailed business lifecycle plan.

Our Leadership Team


Wendy Whitmore, MBA, CIO, CLO

Wendy has decades of experience in the healthcare, information technology and medical training industries. She currently acts as the Chief Information and Learning Officer for the 4MedPro+ Corporation. Her experience includes healthcare business launch, creative strategic planning, succession strategies, security and compliance, educational programming and organizational staff development.

Sarah Glynn, COO

Sarah has extensive experience in life sciences and healthcare verticals. As the Chief Operations Officer for 4MedPlus, Sarah is responsible for corporate operations, financial management and educational content distribution. She also manages distributor relations and acts as the corporate liaison to all accrediting bodies.


Wendy and Sarah manage an expansive team of subject matter experts who provide targeted assistance as needed to address the unique needs of each client and site. Acting as "contractors" for the development of each detailed lifecycle plan, 

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